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Innostark family

We Care

Small Gestures

We provide perks and benefits to empower our employees and to make the workplace a dynamic and productive environment.

Profit Sharing

Get a share of the company's net profits and be a part of our company.

Leaves Encashment

Provide benefits on earned time off to encourage team members

Professional Growth

Let's make you the best version of yourself professionally.

Performance Bonuses

We reward hard work and encourage excellent performance by the team.

Handsome package

We offer a handsome package to our employees for being a part of our company.

Medical Coverage

The provision of medical coverage indemnifies poor health.

Internet Allowance

You are entitled to receive an allowance to offset Internet access costs.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are awarded to current employees to encourage them to refer others.

Gym Policy

The gym facility is provided as part of the team's efforts to remain healthy and fit.

Gaming Zone

Games or destress zones at the workplace boost employee energy and enhance efficiency.

Trips and Tours

Worker trips and tours are planned as they are more likely to return to work after vacation.

Subsidized Lunch

Subsidized meals to strengthen company culture and encourage teamwork.

Let’s Get To Work Together
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Life At InnoSTARK

InnoSTARK provides an array of amenities to its staff and management, such as national holidays, annual dinners, recreational tours, table tennis competitions, and many more.





What The Team Think

Great things happen when brilliant minds work together. Building a good product is an achievement but building a great Team brings true satisfaction.
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It’s been a pleasant journey so far with InnoSTARK , everyone here is dedicated and remains updated technically.
I think being one step ahead in technology is InnoSTARK’s strength. You get to learn new things with every single passing day and there are new opportunities everyday.
Practices/stack followed here is something rare you would see anywhere else and the work you do is being appreciated that is really great.
I am happy to be part of such a great team.


It has been an absolute pleasure to be here at InnoSTARK for over a decade. InnoSTARK has provided me with great opportunities to not only diversify my technical skills, but also enabled me to get along with the top industry clients. It’s remarkable how we, as a family, have evolved over the time and provided the industry with top notch solutions that are assisting countless people and changing their lives.
Thank you for for providing me this opportunity to work with you and make an impact on the world. I wish we continue to hold our strong professional and personal bond for another decade

Happy to be working with a dynamic team for a while now. The thing I like the most is that we put our utmost efforts to bring the best forward without compromising quality. We define our own learning stack and always take pride in improving the process!
I feel fortunate to work for a company that appreciates me, My skill set, My ideas and what what i bring to the table everyday. They care about my development and who am I as a person. I really like working here and looking forward to growing with the company.