Week Plan ®

Eliminate stress, live a balanced life and leave a legacy.

My Print Cloud ®

PrintCloud is flagship product of Clydy Limited, MyPRINTCloud is a web based software solution provider.


Prison management is a daunting task and especially when the numbers are too high to handle, resources are minimal to manage and there is lack of trained manpower to manage pressures and crisis situations.

CaReS ®

CaReS ® is a scalable application suite which is designed by highly qualified staff with decades of experience in car rental industry.

Uber ®

Uber Portal is a platform with 4 easy-to-use and highly integrated applications for Planning and Production Management and Booking and Resource Management

Sponsored ®

Imagine having the ability to easily track how your sponsored ambassadors are promoting your brand. And then reward them. That’s Sponsored!


The Public Record Source has 20+ years of providing the following services to many of the most successful companies in the background screening industry

Legrand CRM ®

We believe that any business implementing a new CRM system should start seeing the benefits very quickly. Your return on investment should be measured in weeks, not months or years.

Cremation Services

Through extensive research and testing, we have developed a unique arrangement system to provide the most convenient, fully online, pre-funded pre-planning option for cremation arrangements.

Business Intelligence Portal

The world's most popular business productivity suite and most widely deployed information platform.

Medical Billing System

Medical Billing and Healthcare Solution manages the billing process from Eligibility to Collections by automating all the Patient and Claims management process.

Supply Chain Management

Solution, that actively manages the supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Decision Support System

Manages operations and planning levels of an organization and help to make decisions, which may be rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance.

Human Resource Management System

HRMS, specialized to reduce the manual workload of the administrative activities by automating all of the Human Resource Management procedures.

Aversion - Meal Planner

Aversion is ultimate solution for a daycare. It is a pure Single Page Application representing daycare management system with all the modules including, staff, students, meal planner, scheduler and inventory.