Week Plan® Eliminate stress, live a balanced life and leave a legacy.

WEEK PLAN gives you a weekly view on your tasks. A week view strikes the right balance between giving enough space to plan and a time window short enough to focus on execution.In WEEK PLAN, tasks can be marked as important and/or urgent. You want to spend as much time as possible in important but not urgent tasks. You can also drag and drop tasks from one day to another to easily reschedule your week. WEEK PLAN prompts you to list the roles that you play in your life (Father, Colleague, Brother, etc…) and encourages you think of goals related to these roles. Tying goals to roles help you balance your life and not neglect any area of your life.Every week, WEEK PLAN asks you what goal you could set out to do this week that would have the most positive impact. Breaking your goals into week goals help you make them achievable and see progress faster.WEEK PLAN is not a classic calendar, each day is a todo-list rather than a list of fixed-time events. You go through your todo list as well as you can and if you don’t get everything done today, the tasks are moved automatically to the next day.At the end of your week, you will receive an email with a question that will help you reflect on how your week went. Your reply to this email will be added automatically to your journal in WEEK PLAN. Self reflection helps you adjust how you run your life.Not only does WEEK PLAN provide you with a weekly planner and a journal, you also get a space to store your values, higher level goals and mission statement.

  • We show you how to manage your time with a few basic rules inspired by books like 7 habits and GTD.
  • We offer a web app to support the methodology we teach. It is visual, intuitive and used by more than 150.000 people.
  • A powerful time management method amplified by software.

Key Points

WEEK PLAN gives you a list dedicated to tasks that are blocked by external factors, like waiting for someone to reply. This is an important list, too many emails you have sent did not get any answer and got you in trouble because you didn’t track it.


Project Portfolio

WEEK PLAN gives you a space where you can store any number of lists of tasks. You can dump there everything you have on your mind, all these tasks you might want to do someday or ideas you have. The action of dumping what’s on your mind into a system you learn to trust will free your mind from having to remind you of these tasks in your shower.Sometimes a task is an aggregate of smaller tasks. WEEK PLAN allows you to add subtasks to your tasks. You can visit this website by clicking here.