UberPortal is a platform with 4 easy-to-use and highly integrated applications for Planning and Production Management and Booking and Resource Management.The applications which each consist of multiple modules can be used individually or as a complete package. UberPortal is a disruptive approach to production management which will raise the bar of any television production to an extend not seen before.UberPortal is targeted at television production companies (UberPlan) who will benefits from all the modules, but the solution is also for resource providers such as…

  • Post Production (UberChart)
  • Rental and Studio (UberChart)
  • Broadcasters (UberChart)
  • Television Freelancers (UberCrew)

Key Points

Whether you manage a huge operation or is a single user privately held production company you will benefit from the UberPortal offerings. You can visit this website by clicking here.