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Prison management is a daunting task and especially when the numbers are too high to handle, resources are minimal to manage and there is lack of trained manpower to manage pressures and crisis situations.Two major set of challenges were identified in relation to prison affairs management. One challenge was from the prison administration perspective. The manual prison administration was plagued by ills of a traditional administrative and management structure. These included time consumption process, human errors in administering records and registers of prison inmates, and management hurdles in compilation and analysis of data due to lack of data and information accuracy. For example, the manual visitor’s management could not track photographs of visitors, fingerprints taken were not recorded, difficulty to track the previous convictions of the inmates with regard to other trials pending and so on. Remission, release and bail calculations were extremely time consuming and prone to data and information errors. Human errors in information and data management amounted to 40 % to 50 % of total defaults. Overall, the impact from these was no less disturbing. Sharing of accurate data and information within the department and other stakeholders was a problem. Right decisions at right time could not be taken when needed. The challenge was “rule of law” could not be successfully implemented.

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