CaReS® Car Rental Solution

CaReS® is a scalable application suite which is designed by highly qualified staff with decades of experience in car rental industry. It gives its customers, a privilege to customize pricing, define rates based on vehicles classification, define packages, create and configure branches.

  • Our dedicated team provides quick response ready to help you at no additional charge.
  • Mobile platform provides an opportunity to reach a large number of people and mark your valuable presence.
  • Daily reports & dashboard features provide instant analysis of your daily features.
  • System allows third party partner web-sites to get available vehicles & costing information.

Key Points

Utilization rates (On road, Off road - Time analysis) Non-Revenue, KM analysis Action List - Cars overdue & un-paid cases Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA) Sales analysis, Gross Profits, Profit and Loss


Project Portfolio

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