About Our Company

InnoSTARK is not just a company, it is a culture where a team of young passionate engineers envision and develop challenging software. Our clients share their technology dreams with us and we help them turn these dreams into reality. We structure close knitted team with our clients from an inception of an idea to prototyping, designing, development and roll out. In this process we accomplish striking a relationship with the client organization beyond work.

From technology perspective we are proud to present ourselves as a technology centric company. Everything we do, envision and implement is around technology. Each individual in the company is dedicated in gearing up towards the technological changes and challenges happening around. Technology is the benchmark against which we set our growth standards and that is why our engineers do not limit themselves to any specific technologies.

  • We believe that the core of fostering good innovation is to have good people; therefore we have established our team based on the same principal.
  • Each person at InnoSTARK® is of the type that says, I can solve this problem, has an open mind and is willing to work with other people.
  • Each individual has the belief that is formulated on, what's my goal, what's my customer, how far am I along the success path.
  • Those are very important indicators to believe in, that portrays growth, prosperity and success.
  • Our success comes from thorough analysis and specification, perfectly established test-driven development process, expert management, and strong experience with the latest technologies.
  • We are dedicated to quality, and always deliver cost effective and reliable Solutions.